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Each day holds specific energy. There's Universal Energy and Partial Energy.


Universal Energy is  the date added together -ex: 4/17/2021; 4+1+7+11+2+1= 8 UE.


Partial Energy is when you just add the day -ex 4/17/2021; 1+7= 8 PE.


You can even find the numerology of the whole month by adding the month and year - ex April 2021; 4+11+2+1= 9





  • Weekly Energy Calendar + Highlights

  • Book Recommendations

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  • Weekly Energy Calendar + Highlights + Video

  • Book Recommendations

  • Community Chat Room

  • Phases of the Moon

  • New/Full Moon Prompt Lives/Recorded




  • Weekly Energy Calendar + Highlights + Video

  • Book Recommendations

  • Community Chat Room

  • Phases of the Moon

  • New/Full Moon Prompt Lives/Recorded

  • Dream Interpretations

  • Exclusive Video Content


This energy focuses on the self, your independence, self motivation, need to be in charge, new ideas, and forward momentum.


Balance, friendship, and harmony are highlighted. Great energy to treat yourself or spend time with a loved one. Avoid emotional vampires who try to steal your good energy away from you. This is also good energy to mend any arguments you’ve had with someone.


Use this energy to seek all opportunities for self expression, awakening your inner child! Dance, create art, do something you enjoy and don’t be afraid to share it with others. New growth is possible with this energy. Community, neighbors, siblings, and music are all highlighted, even short travel!


This energy means business and following the rules. When you see 4 energy think law and order. So this is the perfect time to deal with bills, important paperwork, or even housework. Expect to focus more on your future with this energy and building a secure foundation. There is infinite potential with numbers. Warning- avoid confrontations or arguing with people on this day, it won’t do you any good.


This energy will have you urging for freedom and adventure. You could be traveling or seeking more fun situations. 5’s also allow you to bring big changes. Intimacy and romance are favored with this energy


You’ll be more compelled to attend to matters of the home and family. A nurturing nature will be in the air today. You should focus on self care and self love.


This is the truth seeker number, finding the truth for who you truly are. It’s also known as the loner number, you have to learn to be okay with your true self. Learn some occult knowledge or something new but don’t rush them, this is the genius number. However with this energy you should not do any physical activities because you are more prone to injury. Remember to boost your immune system and get some rest.


With this energy you want to attend to money matters, invest wisely for your future security, personal power, manifestations, and keeping a positive mindset. Also it rules over time which is ruled by Saturn and ya'll know Saturn does not play.


 This energy is best for releasing any emotional baggage that no longer serves you. 9 is the number of completion; completing a cycle and starting anew to a brand new beginning.


 The Master Visionary number! You can expect your emotions to be on high today and your intuition heightened. Warning to watch out for over-sensitivity from yourself and others, the key with this energy is to balance your emotions and listen to your inner voice trying to aid you. Manifestations are more likely to occur with this energy because you are able to visualize what you wish to manifest. Try to evolve to a higher spiritual vibration.


The Master Builder or Destroyer, also in astrology it’s known as the kill or be killed degree. Expect to feel ambitious and your discipline will be transformed into creative inspirational projects. This is the perfect time to ground your ideas into reality. Or this is the perfect time to completely break away from something that no longer serves you. You can completely destroy the old and begin anew with this energy.


The Master Teacher number! This is the perfect energy to take the lead on something you've been hesitant about. This energy gives the effect that anything is possible and gives clear insight and intuition. Guidance for higher powers is more influential as well. Set your standards high and manifest away. Also you can be extremely sensitive and empathetic today. Reaching out to spiritual leaders or elders would be beneficial as well; or you can step into your power!

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